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by Paworship on October 01, 2017

He is very handsome and muscular and a great kisser. He works very hard to please the client.

by BigMuscleRenter on October 02, 2017

He is amazing. Great kisser. Amazing top.

by Twlinjp on October 04, 2017

One of the best

by Belgrad on October 02, 2017

Tomas is a great guy. Completely lived up to expectations.

by ChiLANY on September 26, 2017

This may be the best sex I've ever had. It's certainly the hottest guy I've ever been with.

by RomanSchullz on September 09, 2017

All I can say is WWWOOOWWW. I was speechless when I have open the door of my suite and I have seen this tall,muscle man with a Hollywood star face. He had perfect teeth, skin, hair, body... OMG I get hard again just by remembering him. I am not a person who normally writs reviews since I respect people privacy but after this experience I couldn't hold it. I have hired guys in the last 10years of my life and I have seen all kind of bodies and personalities. Well, let me say it. I would never expected to find the perfect man to surprise me and make me fall in love in a second. Tomas is the perfect gentleman with the most amazing dominant personality I have never seen before.
2h with him and I came 4times, this never happened in my life before. I know I'm digging my own grave by saying this but Tomas is an angel with a devil mind. He looks perfect and once he is switching on his sexual drive ...OMG....he is the devil. I will not share more Infos as I might get in trouble with him but I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to see the real deal.Masculinity mix with a real charismatic dominant gentlemen. He is the deal and yes I could say he is one of the top international escorts I have ever met in my 10year hiring escorts.

by AdanKatris on September 03, 2017

Fucking awesome!!!! Tomas helped me with a long time fantasy of mine . . .more on that later. I was traveling through Czech Republic over the weekend and before I left I was searching for an escort to fill in a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon. I dont get as much time as I would like so when I do I want to have as much fun as possible. I saw Tomas's ad on Rentmen mentioning that he would be in Prague over the weekend.
I found his ad very interesting and so I texted him and told him about my fantasy. Basically I'm bottom and I was looking for a top with a big dick to fuck me hard. And I wanted to let a bunch of guys watch. Basically I wanted to put on a mini porn show. I was a little nervous texting an escort because I couldn't be sure he would be into, but since Tomas has done porn work himself, I thought he would be. When I asked him, he immediately said that it would be really hot.
We were chatting about going to a local bathhouse in Prague for the scene. I called two bathhouses and found out that one has fantasy rooms with a window that you can open to let guys watch. I texted back Tomas and made an appointment for Sunday afternoon. I met Tomas in hotel lobby right at the scheduled time.
After some initial sucking I was ready for the main event. Tomas was one of the best fucks I've had in a long time. He was slow at first to let me get opened up. And then fucked the hell out of me. We fucked in various positions, but the hottest for me was when he was lying on his back and I climbed on to go for a ride. He would pound me hard, but if I indicated that I needed a break he would quickly back off. His dick was rock hard the whole time. 
I would recommend Tomas and would hire him again if I have the chance. I was nervous about texting an escort, but he put me at ease and he is a nice guy. I was so horny over the weekend waiting for the event that I texted him couple of times (I hope I wasn't too much of a bother buddy), and he was always pleasant and eager to meet.

by Mxhot on September 02, 2017

Tomas is really amazing, very handsome and passionate, the experience was iincredibly pleasant. From the moment I met him he was so polite and natural acting that I immediately felt total confidence. He knows how to please a man and made me feel a very sensual experience. To me it was very important not only to be pleased but also feel that I am able to please him and he is so capable of understanding one's desires that everything I ever wished was fully accomplished. Besides he has an interesting conversation and a priviledged modesty. Definitively I recommend him and will be looking forward to meet again. Soon I hope.

by Martyfloor on August 18, 2017

First let me say that the great reviews that Tomas gets and his profile descriptions are accurate. He more than met my expectations and I have no reason to risk my hard earned money with anyone else when I travel on occasional business trips to Czech Republic - Prague

He has promptly responded to me in our communications, was clear and accurately portrayed himself. When we first met, Tomas greeted me in the elevator lobby and he was instantly likeable and an huge turn-on. Yes, he has a perfect smile, piercing blue eyes, natural blonde hair and muscles galore!

His arms are massive with rock hard biceps, above which are lush armpits that I couldn't get enough of. He put me at ease right away and is very affectionate. I immediately got the feeling that he really cared about me as a client and as a person.
In no way did I feel I was just a number. He is very handsome and wholesome with that innnocent but also devilish muscleman-next-door-look that drives me wild! The body contact was great as he slid his body over mine.
Tomas's an insatiable Top who clearly loves to please his clients with marathon fuck sessions. We shared blow jobs before (and in between)... The second fuck culminated with my shooting my sperm all over his hard pecs.
After our second round of fucking, Tomas caressed and cuddled me in an erotic way that was almost as hot as the sex itself! Obviously, It was a memorable time of fun that went way too fast. I've gotten myself all horny just reminiscing about our time together and writing this review. I simply can't wait to see Tomas again during my next business trip to Prague. BTW Tomas is realy great kisser.

by satorisf on July 13, 2017

Tomas is a very nice person, an studly muscle dude, and a passionate lover. I am totally into mutual oral and kissing. I was not disappointed. I am trying to figure out if I can find the time to see him again before he leaves San Francisco.

by pscoggins on July 10, 2017

After several bad experiences with escort Tomas certainly made up for it. Being a big star I was nervous about what he might might not do but he was very accommodating. I highly recommend his services He is handsimly striking , physically fit, and completely charming

by Daddyfromnewyork on July 7, 2017

I kept in touch with Tomas after our second meeting in Prague , so I knew he was planning his way out to San Francisco. I organized my business meetings , so that I had free time to fly out to see him again . This time he was a lot closer to my hometown , so I could not wait to see him .
When we finally met , I could not believe he was even in a better shape then the first time I saw him. I already thought this man is a 10 and now I couldn't even take my eyes off him.
I immediately got hard when I saw his muscular , tanned body . My mind could not stop thinking dirty thoughts and I could not wait to take off his perfectly fitted outfit. 
He was breathtaking.
I wanted to take his cock in my mouth right away. Tomas can go from a romantic man to a fuck loving monster . 
When I woke up the next morning I could still feel my ass from the night before !
I now know that when I want to see Tomas again , I will fly anywhere to see him and I will manage my time , so that I can have uninterrupted private time with this man.
He is worth every penny to me and if you have high expectations like myself , you can be assured that Tomas does not dissapoint.

by tightbttm on July 6, 2017

Time Spent: 1 hour 

Ambience:   Very relaxing 

Are Photos Accurate?  Yes they are 

Recommend?   Yes, definitely.“

by Astrosfan on June 23, 2017

Tomas was an amazing find on my last trip to Prague. He was very intuitive and gave me one of the best experiences I have ever had. First he is extremely handsome and muscular, and has an amazing cock. But secondly he easily finds just what to do with a guy. For instance, he knew to gently overpower me, and he found his way to my nutsack, and, using his mouth, tongue, and suction, washed each ball so thoroughly - sometimes hard, sometimes gently, awhile I moaned and writhed in pleasure. He knew I loved being pinioned there by his muscles, being made to take both pleasure and pain for him, as I felt my impassioned groans make his cock lodged inside my throat stiffen up to the sounds. Just when I thought could take no more without exploding, he would either ease up, or change sides, leaving me panting and preparing for the next sortie. And the next attack would come, in a relentless pattern, stunning my balls into complete submission to his powerful oral skills. He made my body shudder for hours, until I could stand no more, and I came for him, HARD, all across my body and his. In that moment, all I wanted was to submit to him forever and make him cum, and I hope one day if I move to Prague, I can be that for him, and anything he could devise. I felt our connection so strongly, that the experience was both sexual and spiritual, and I can only hope that he felt so, too

by Astrosfan on June 10, 2017

Tomas is the real deal. Handsome, smart, friendly, and can go from a nice massage to a wild time in an instance. His hips and legs are extremely powerful :-) He is a pleasure to meet and one that I hopefully will meet again soon

by Daddyfromnewyork on Mar 27, 2017 22:32    

I've had 2 dates with Tomas over the last 7 months. Our first 2 get togethers were thrilling, exhilarating and totally satisfying in every way. I didn't think I could have a better time with another man. But our most recent encounter easily went beyond my wildest expectations and that's because Tomas is one amazing guy. He is the ultimate professional, a perfect gentleman and a very sexy and sensuous man.
He arrived promptly, as always, and warmly welcomed me with a hug and a kiss. I sometimes feel intimidated when in the presence of such a handsome, gorgeous hunk like Tomas but he has the natural ability to put you at ease and to make you feel really comfortable with him right away. Our time together was a wonderful combination of tender affection and downright raw passion and sexuality.
We spent a huge amount of time exploring each other orally. He is a true expert in every way. As I sat on his remarkably huge dick and looked into those gorgeous eyes I was in heaven. He is a real dreamboat. And his incredibly splashy load has to be seen to be believed.
In my opinion, Tomas is perfect in every way. He is attentive to your needs, indulgent to your whims, totally unpretentious and just so sweet. If you are sincerely interested in meeting a high quality companion, I highly recommend Tomas to you. You won't be disappointed.

by LifesTooShort on Mar 23, 2017 22:04

It was easy to set up an appointment and he was right on time. Tomas is so much hotter in person than his pics and he is both talented and intuitive. Tomas is an amazing kisser and even better at other things. ;-) I highly recommend him for an unforgettable experience. I'm already looking forward to the next time!

by Paradises on Mar 20, 2017 20:09

I had an amazing time with Tomas, very sexy and hung man to play with, into completely making you enjoy and make sure you are getting what you want, amazing kissing and all my fantasies were realized. Definitely all worth it. Enjoy and don't think it much.

by Logankurt on Mar 12, 2017 11:51

Very witty, warm, friendly, forthcoming, and dedicated. Great chat and unforgettable experience. Absolutely the number one in Prague.

by Catmouse on Mar 11, 2017 15:01

Had a fantastic 2 hours with Tomas while visiting Prague. Highly recommend and even better looking in person.

by Davancos on Feb 06, 2017 23:30

I have met Tomas two times during my recent trip to Prague and it has been an absolutely pleasant experience. Tomas is a very nice person, with a charming personality and a really nice attitude (he knows how to create a friendly ambience in only five minuts). Moreover, has a gorgeous body, a handsome face, beautiful blue eyes and huge muscles (all his muscles are big and strong). I am not exagerating when I say that he is much better in person. That's absolutely true. And moreover, he dress modern and elegant clothes. So, when he arrived at my hotel and I saw him, I became speechless.
At bed, he is very intuitive and tender lover, and he loves to please. He is a wonderful kisser (in fact, the best I have ever met)... and he is also excellent in sucking. His dick is big and it was very hard during all the session. Sex was amaaaazing. I am more top, so he bottomed for me in many diferent positions and he made me feel like the best lover in the world. In his profile, he affirms that "he loves what he does" and that's absolutely true!!!
If you are searching a boyfriend experience, he is definitively the best option in Prague. I am willing to return to Prague to meet him again... and again... and again ;)

by Woomark on Jan 20, 2017 19:01

I'm was in Prague again. The choice was clear... Tomas Decastro!!!

by Woomark on Jan 16, 2017 14:41

Tomas is sexual machine!!! The best of Prague rentments. I enjoyed 7hours with him.

by Aqtpie on Aug 14, 2016

this guy is genuine, warm and fun to be with. I was hoping to write an actual review but there seems to be no option to write text for his review. this is actually the second time i have met him.

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